Saturday, September 11, 2004

In Memoriam

There have been harsher realities we as a world we have had to deal with then September 11, but today it is hard to think of them as we remember. What I want to remember is what you might call the beauty of 9/11. Of course you are all saying, what beauty? The beauty is in what happened in the rest of the world on that day. The set of spontaneous memorials that happened all around the world. On that day we had tragedy, but we also had a unity I have very seldom seen. Here are some of those images.

European Union

French President, Jacques Chirac. Forget all the recent politics and look in his eyes on that day.

Palestinian School

U.S., Embassy, Tel Aviv

Back in the days of the cold war did you ever think the Russians would be flying their flag at half mast over the Kremlin for us.

Berlin in front of U.S. Embassy

Sydney Australia


The Good News: The world is not as divided as people make it out to be.
The Harsh Reality: The power to destroy outstrips the power to create. How many fools does it take to destroy a world? Less every day.

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