Wednesday, October 06, 2004

.COM .ORG What's the Difference?

Or: Open Mouth Insert Opponent's Message Here
Or: Computer Literacy for World Leaders

If you followed the Vice Presidential Debate last night you might have heard Dick Cheney defend his record at Haliburton by referring people to, pity the actual site is . What is Well for a little bit it was one of those annoying advertising sites that cybersquatters or people trying to get traffic from typos put up. I happened to go to the site during the debate and that is exactly the type of site that was there. However, the traffic at the site was so much the owners decided to re-direct it to This is the web site of billionaire financier George Soros who has committed 15.5 million dollars of his own money to oust President Bush. The owners of decided he could afford the additional traffic.

Way to go Dick! Might I suggest some additional URL's you could put in future debates:

Or just plain and simple:

Never let it be said that here at Harsh Reality we are unwilling to help...

shoot yourself in the foot.

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