Tuesday, November 02, 2004

No Long Lines for Me

I am back in the US. I was at work today and all I could hear was everyone who went to vote this morning telling me. "Man, I went to the polls early to avoid the long lines, and still had a 2 hour wait." I couldn't help but gloat and say, "I voted absentee." So far I have not been hit, but the day is not over yet.

There is something good to be said about the long lines though. For the longest time people have been complaining about voter apathy in the US, and it seems that there has been a good reason for it. Basically, most things in the U.S. work well. They are not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but they are good enough, so why get your fat ass off the couch and do something as difficult as voting.

That has changed. We elected George Bush, and he has inspired (read pissed off) enough people to get out and get active enough in politics to get some changes made. Forget Iraq, regime change starts at home. So here is to having a government that works well enough again to get let people to get on with the important parts of their life, like eating food with way too much fat and watching reality TV.

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