Sunday, August 09, 2009

Triceritops with Saddles

On Friday I attended the Creation "Museum" along with about 285 other Atheists and Agnostics from the Zerg that PZ Myers created by posting his planned visit on his blog, Pharyngula. It was suggested the we take as much photos and video as we could of the place. I picked up a Flip video camera and this was its maiden voyage. Talk to the right people about the Tricerotops, and the above clip just writes itself.


bastion of sass said...

Whoa! Wait! What? I thought the dinosaurs lived peaceably with Adam and Eve until after The Fall. Then, after The Fall, some of the formerly vegetarian dinos became meat-eaters. But I guess my understanding was wrong, since, as the video shows, the Creation "Museum" has an exhibit of children, who could only have been born post-Fall, playing with velociraptors.

Explanation anyone? Anyone?

her said...

ZOMG. Dino-human coexistence.
You can't make this stuff up, people. Erm....well, actually you kind of can.

You are too funny dear, love the blog!